Item Estimate
Built-In Rack System $1500
(2) Free-Standing Storage Shelving Units $100
(20) Plastic Storage Containers (various sizes) $250
Volunteer Center Signage $800
Small chest freezer (*) $400
Small glass door ‘grab & go’ merchandise refrigerator $600
Commercial Kitchenware Fund $1,000
Flatware – Stainless (*) $200
Acoustical Panel Installation (cafe) $5,000
Miscellaneous kitchen tools (cooking/baking) $250

Item Estimate
Commercial grade Vacuum Cleaner $300-$400
Concrete Floor Cleaner – used? $1200
Window washing tools, long pole, squeegee (*) $50

Item Estimate
Retractable Shades for Pergola Researching $
Free-standing patio umbrellas (option) Researching $
Metal bench for “pet patio” space $400

Item Estimate
Volunteer Center Technology & Office Supply Fund $3,500

(*) Could be used equipment in good working condition versus purchasing new

Donate Time and Talent

We are always in need of volunteer support to manage our overall operations. One-time, occasional, or ongoing – we are grateful for any support for things such as…

  • Help Maintain Facilities
    • Cleaning – we’re always looking for help keeping our facilities clean and inviting for all of our guests. If you love to clean, we need you!
    • Maintenance – handyman/woman? Occasional odd jobs and assisting us with basic support (wouldn’t require a licensed contractor).
    • Outside maintenance – keeping entryways, railings, and overall grounds clean of debris. Pulling weeds around the building, grass cutting, attending flower beds, wiping down patio chairs & tables, hosing off patio base and/or garbage bins, etc.

Thank you for considering our extensive Wish List! Please get in touch if you’d like to contribute.

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