All Ages | Ongoing Need | Minimum Quantity: 10

Calm Kit

A Calm Kit includes items which will allow a person to transition their focus and energy to a calming task. It may include any items that could help to reduce stress, bring calmness and joy. Below are some ideas of items that could be included, feel free to include others.

Why this Kindness Project Matters

By pledging to donate at least 10 Calm Kits, you'll make a difference by helping a person to become calm and relieve their stress.


  • Coloring Book*
  • Coloring Pencils or Markers*
  • Stress Relief Ball or Toy*
  • Crossword Puzzles*
  • Sudoku Puzzles*
  • Uplifting Card*



  • Register the Kindness Kit
  • Purchase all required materials and optional
  • Assemble items into a decorative bag from the Dollar Store
  • Take pictures of the assembly process or the
    finished product and tag the Volunteer Center
    of Washington County or email to


Delivery instructions vary by project. We’ll send you specific delivery instructions after registration.

Nonprofit to Benefit

There may be various nonprofits that could benefit
from this kit. We can discuss options and decide after

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