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Service Opportunities After Reaching | 55

Wondering how you’ll spend your post-retirement days? Let us help you find ways to stay active and involved in the community. Use the skills you’ve honed over the years or try something completely new!

Did You Know…

every six seconds a U.S. citizen turns 55? In fact, more than a quarter of Washington County’s population is 55 or older. What are all you going to do during retirement? Volunteer, of course!

Studies have shown that volunteering reduces heart rate and blood pressure, increases endorphin production, enhances immune systems, and combats social isolation. We can’t think of a better way for you to stay busy, active and healthy!

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We’d love to talk with about how to best use your talents! We’ll take the time to get to know you, discover your passions, and work together to make the best volunteer match possible.

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Ride the Bus

Hopping on the Do Good Bus is a great way to do good and meet new friends! Join us for monthly community rides and experience firsthand how you can give back.

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Check out our volunteer database, specially curated to feature projects for those 55 and greater. If you find something you like, sign up to help right now!

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Special thanks to Bader Philanthropies for believing in the power of keeping retired adults engaged in service. SOAR 55 would not be possible without your support.