Champions of Change

 Recognizing the everyday people doing extraordinary things in Washington County.

Meet our 2015 Champions of Change

Don Bastian, Power of One

After the passing of his wife in 2008, Don impulsively signed up for a week-long mission trip to the inner city of Atlanta. There he worked on rebuilding a neighborhood post disaster. He was so changed by the experience, that when he got home he started volunteering locally.

Don started volunteering for Habitat for Humanity several times a week in all areas of construction. His specialty is roofing. In addition, Don is actively involved with and routinely drives others to and from the grocery store and medical appointments through Interfaith Caregivers.

Although Don is quick to minimize his efforts, it is because of people like Don that volunteer organizations are successful!

Award sponsored by the Prescott Family Foundation

Athletes for the Arts, Team Spirit

This team of 10 students so appreciated the support they receive for athletic programs at the high school, that they wanted to give back by raising funds for the West Bend Public School’s Foundation’s High School Auditorium Renovation Project.

Together the team hosted a series of musical events and was able to raise $30,000 to support fellow students and our community. The teamwork, planning and sweat equity they put in to achieve this result is an inspiration to West Bend students.

Thank you to this awesome Athletes for the Arts team including Andrew Steiner, Anna Johnson, Ben Vande Zande, Annika Engstrom, Abby Janto, Alaina Michaels, Amanda Wanie, Dane Maulan, Hannah Knop, Nicole Heimark and Alyssa Jay.

Award sponsored by Doug & Sharon Ziegler

Jeff Szukalski, Community Partner

Jeff has given much to our community. He is willing to donate, work along with, and participate in a huge variety of community events.

He is always the first to say “I can do that,” or “We’ll take care of that.” You will see Jeff and/or his staff at the majority of our community events providing refreshments and fun. Behind the scenes he may be providing water for funerals, raising funds for organizations or developing a community event.

His nominators listed 42 organizations he has helped, many on a routine basis. Jeff & his staff give above and beyond and are a huge asset to our community.

Award Sponsored by Serigraph

Amy Salberg, Emerging Leader

Amy is giving, genuine, welcoming, generous with her time, walks the talk and has strong personal and professional values. Amy has served as the president and communications chair for Tempo, a local professional women’s organization.  She has led the organization to growth and clear expectations and direction.

Additionally, as vice president and secretary of Wellspring Education Center and Organic Farm she has shared her passion and given to direction to programs and policies. Amy is a pioneer in this geographical region for food law and is very active in this area. She has held many leadership positions in a variety of interests. Amy is truly a positive asset in our community!

Award Sponsored by Pick Heaters, Inc.

Bonnie Krueger, SOAR 55

Bonnie Krueger has volunteered with the Schauer Arts Center since 2005, giving over 6,500 hours of her time. She is able to shrug off stressful situations and maintain a positive attitude at all times. While others may get hung up on little things, Bonnie focuses on doing the right thing, providing the best service to Schauer Center guests.

She is always going above and beyond, willing to do any task however menial it seems. When 400 school kids were eating lunch, Bonnie asked for empty trash bags, emptied all of the garbage cans, and replaced the bags without being asked. She acts autonomously and supports the staff when they cannot be in two places at once.

Bonnie is a leader to other volunteers who are learning the ropes. Her confident and helpful attitude relieves much of the stress for the staff and other volunteers.

Award Sponsored by Cedar Community

Kimberly Kolb, Rising Star

During her freshman and sophomore years Kimberly took a very active role in the West Bend High Schools Student Council and Blood Center of WI annual blood drive. In her junior and senior year she served as Vice-President and Co-Chair of this event.

As the leader she strove to make this event one of the largest in school history. Her organization skills, unrivaled leadership, passion for giving back to her community, involvement in a strong faith family and commitment to promoting the well-being of others made the drive a success. In her 4 years, 1,500 pints of blood have been donated. In addition to the blood drive Kimberly has served as Student Council Vice-President and Co-President.

She has been involved in the high school’s annual Charity Week events and over the past 4 years students have raised $100,000.

Sponsored by River Shores Chiropractic

Deeatra Kajfosz, Real Hero

Deeatra Kajfosz is making it her mission to save one life at a time in Washington County. As the survivor of a suicide attempt, Deeatra knew she wanted to make a difference in the lives of those struggling with suicidal thoughts and the families of those affected by suicide.

She dissolved her successful company in order to spend all of her waking hours educating, supporting and bringing awareness to suicide by forming the nonprofit LiFE of HOPE.  While still in its infancy, LiFE OF HOPE will provide public education forums, education & professional counseling in local high schools, peer-to-peer counseling groups, and counseling for those experiencing a crisis.

Deeatra has found a way to turn her past experience into an organization that will save lives.

Award Sponsored by West Bend Mutual Insurance

Dorothy Jansen, Young at Heart

Dorothy Jansen defies the stereotype of aging by being a key volunteer in almost every area of Senior Citizens Activities.  She becomes a trusted friend to new visitors seeking information, and to everyone who enters for scheduled activities.  As the Director of the Senior Center Chorus, Dorothy creates the music program, updates the members’ binders, coaches performers through practices plus schedules the performances in throughout Washington County.

Dorothy attracts friends with a contagious laugh.  She is inspirational as an example of using your gifts for as long as you are able. Dorothy’s busy schedule (participant in the Holiday Cookie Walk and Bake Sale, the Annual Rummage Sale, the English Afternoon High Tea, the Senior Center Golf League… you get the idea) reminds us that we have choices in remaining vital and involved in our community.  Her happiness doesn’t just happen; it comes from giving of herself.

Award Sponsored by Pick Heaters, Inc.

Dan Anhalt, Beyond the Board

Great board members are visionary, great listeners, strong leaders, and back up their ideas with action. Dan Anhalt, a Threshold board member nominated by Executive Director John Bloor, has all of those traits and more.

Dan joined the board in 2007, has served on nearly every committee and was president for 2 of those years. Dan was actively involved in leading the capital campaign to renovate the Rolfs Avenue facility, was the lead negotiator when the Lawrence & Vivian Stockhausen Center was donated to the Threshold, and chaired the search committee for a new executive director after the previous director retired after 28 years.

Dan’s efforts have helped the Threshold be what it is today. Our community is a better place because of Dan’s strong commitment, selflessness and dedicated leadership.

Award Sponsored by Schreiber Foods

Phyllis Schaefer, Judges’ Choice

Phyllis’ “Power of One” nomination was based on her generous commitment to the Sunrise Rotary. She works tirelessly on countless projects and has chaired multiple Rotary events. In addition Phyllis gives her time and talent to the Coordinated Community Response Committee and to her alma mater Cardinal Stritch University.

Her unwavering support of Casa Guadalupe resulted in her “Beyond the Board” nomination. Phyllis is board secretary, serves on the finance committee, processes payroll and bills, volunteers 20+ hours each week as office manager, prepares budgets, plans fundraisers, assists with grant writing…this list could go on!

Phyllis’ exemplary volunteerism efforts and leadership are true gifts to our community.

Award Sponsored by Schreiber Foods

Mike Bloedorn, Clifford A. & Elizabeth M. Nelson Volunteer Leadership Award

presented by the United Way of Washington County