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 Volunteer Center membership is the perfect tool to get your organization and volunteer needs front & center in our community. Everything we do has the goal of connecting volunteers to you and raising awareness of the work you do.

2020 Volunteer Center Membership

We’re a volunteer-driven organization that strives to support our local nonprofit community and other vital causes. Volunteer Center membership can help your organization reach new volunteers, groups, and businesses. We think outside the box with innovative ideas that empower social good and raise the visibility of the important work you do.

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Here’s how

Please note our membership guidelines

  • Organizations must be a 501(c)3, church, school or government agency. For-profit healthcare agencies are allowed, but volunteers must be working directly with clients.
  • Volunteers may not be recruited for political campaigns or work that can be viewed as overtly political, or to take part in religious activity or proselytizing.
  • Organizations must show proof of liability insurance covering volunteers.
  • All new members must be approved by the Volunteer Center’s board of directors.

My organization is interested in becoming a Volunteer Center member

Please fill out the short contact form below to help us learn more about you. We want to make sure membership is a great fit for your organization before asking you to fill out our more detailed form. First thing’s first, be sure to check out our membership guidelines. We look forward to working with you!