Community Rides

These monthly rides open to the public are the perfect way to do good.

Grab your family and friends and sign up for a Community Ride in 2022!


Upcoming Rides:

Our Community Ride Sponsors help us offer this fun & affordable way to volunteer.

We’ll tell you a few details like what to wear and where to meet us, but here’s the fun part: your destination is always a surprise!

No matter where you’re headed, we guarantee you’ll get those warm fuzzy feelings that only come from doing something good.

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Why the Mystery?

A surprise destination adds an element of fun, but it also helps avoid any preconceived ideas about the work we are going to do. We want all of our volunteers to show up with an open mind and ready to do good!

And who knows, we might drop a few hints along the way …

Looking for More Adventure?

Get your coworkers doing good together or try something different for your next family reunion, birthday celebration or youth group event!