Champions of Change

Champions of Change has been celebrating the efforts of community members since 2015. This signature event has become a way of giving even the most humble of leaders the spotlight as we recognize the positive changes they’ve made in Washington County. We invite you to nominate an individual, group/team, local business, nonprofit organization, and/or a nonprofit professional who inspires you now through March 1, 2023. 

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Who Inspires You?

From a teen playing music to raise money for a cause, to a group of local dentists offering free dental care to the underinsured, Champions of Change highlights everyday people doing extraordinary things in our community. Who inspires you? Submit a nomination to celebrate how they uplift and inspire those around them.

1.Your nominee must have contributed their time, effort, or talent in a volunteer capacity or to have furthered volunteerism within Washington County, WI.

2. Fill out a nomination form. It will ask for your contact information, your nominee’s contact information, a photo, and two statements:

  • Tell us about your nominee and why they deserve recognition as a Champion of Change.
  • Share a heartfelt message about how your nominee inspires you.

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Award Categories

Like the ripple effect of a good deed, Champions of Change continues to give in ways that make our community stronger. Thanks to our generous sponsors, winners in up to 11 award categories will be honored with a $300 stipend to donate to a local nonprofit of choice (the organization must be an active member of Volunteer Center of Washington County).

Power of One: Recognizes an individual who has single-handedly created change for the better in the community through his or her volunteer efforts.

Ziegler Team Spirit: Recognizes a group that volunteers while demonstrating leadership, teamwork, and a commitment to making our community a better place.

Legacy Award: Celebrates a legacy of volunteer service. The recipient demonstrates genuine care for people and an enduring commitment to the community. It’s easy to recognize lasting contributions to Washington County

Rising Star: Recognizes an individual or group, 21 and younger, whose discovery of volunteerism and commitment to the community has inspired others.

New! Unsung Hero: Recognizes an individual or group who make(s) a difference from behind the scenes. While the contribution may go unnoticed, the impact is felt by many.

Stronger Together: Celebrating two or more people or organizations who have joined forces to make a positive impact for a cause.

Inspire Award: Recognizes a person, young or old, who inspires others and leads by example. This person initiates change; making something better or stronger than it was before.

Volunteerism in Business Award: Recognizes a business and its employees for strengthening the community through exemplary volunteerism and involvement.

Nonprofit Excellence Award: Recognizes an organization that demonstrates an exemplary approach to volunteer engagement. Their mission is made stronger through the meaningful ways they empower volunteers and their collaborative approach within the nonprofit community.

New! Steward of Change Award: Dedicated to an outstanding nonprofit professional who has committed their career to a cause. They are driven to make a difference while demonstrating an extraordinary commitment to serving others.

Judges’ Choice: Selected by the judges from all applications submitted as worthy of additional recognition.

Selection Process

A group of community leaders gathers in March to determine the finalists and  winners in up to 11 award categories. Finalists will be notified shortly after, and winners are announced live at our event on April 13, 2023. 

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