Celebrating Community Champions

Every year, we give out awards to recognize outstanding community members who create positive change in Washington County. This signature event has become a way of giving even the most humble of leaders the spotlight as we recognize their contributions to important local causes.

Congratulations to our 2023 Award Recipients!

Bill Buettner

Power of One Award Recipient

Recognizes an individual who has single-handedly created change for the better in the community through his or her volunteer efforts.

West Bend Baseball Association Board of Directors

Ziegler Team Spirit Award Recipient

Recognizes a group that volunteers while demonstrating leadership, teamwork, and a commitment to making our community a better place.

Prudence Pick Hway

Legacy Award Recipient

Celebrates a legacy of volunteer service. The recipient demonstrates genuine care for people and an enduring commitment to making our community a better place.

Braeden Scoles

Rising Star Award Recipient

Recognizes an individual or group, 21 and younger, whose discovery of volunteerism and commitment to the community has inspired others.

June Krueger

Unsung Hero Award Recipient

Recognizes an individual or group who make(s) a difference from behind the scenes. While the contribution may go unnoticed, the impact is felt by many.

Washington County Back to School Fair

Stronger Together Award Recipient

Celebrating two or more people or organizations who have joined forces to make a positive impact for a cause.

John Hacker

Inspire Award Recipient

Recognizes a person who inspires others and leads by example. This person initiates change; making something better or stronger than it was before.

Regal Ware

Volunteerism in Business Award Recipient

Recognizes a business and its employees for strengthening the community through exemplary community involvement.

Washington County Foster Closet

Nonprofit Excellence Award Recipient

Recognizes an organization that demonstrates an exemplary approach to volunteer engagement. Their mission is made stronger through the meaningful ways they empower volunteers and their collaborative approach within the nonprofit community.

Maria Gutierrez Gurrola

Steward of Change Award Recipient

Dedicated to an outstanding nonprofit professional who has committed their career to a cause. They are driven to make a difference while demonstrating an extraordinary commitment to serving others.

Richard Klumb

Judges’ Choice Award Recipient

Selected by the judges from all applications submitted as worthy of additional recognition.

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