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Sue Millin Executive Director

Sue’s personal mission of “leaving more than you take in this world” has led her to more than 35 years of nonprofit work. She joined the Volunteer Center team in 2012 and really enjoys being a community connector. Leading the Volunteer Center has allowed Sue to work closely with so many nonprofits doing amazing work in Washington County.  Her vision and creativity has helped re-imagine the Volunteer Center’s founding mission to make a powerful impact for today’s volunteers.

Sue has been an active volunteer in our community and is currently serving on the board of directors for the Historic West Bend Theatre – a group working to turn the iconic theater into a multi-use arts and gathering space. She recently trained with her labradoodle, Cooper, to become a certified therapy team. Together, they volunteer at locations throughout southeast Wisconsin.

In her free time, Sue enjoys spending time with family and friends in Door County…tromping around the outdoors, harvesting prairie seeds, hunting morel mushrooms, upcycling old stuff… and always looks forward to her annual trip to NYC with her daughter (where they’ve been known to take in more than 10 Broadway shows in 6 days!)   l  ext 700

Erin Dove Mission Support Specialist/ Office Manager 

Erin is excited to join the Volunteer Center to work directly with businesses, organizations, and volunteers in Washington County, a place that she has called home for nearly her entire life.  

She began her volunteer activities by becoming actively involved in her daughter’s elementary school.  Since then, the journey of life has led her to several events and activities for nonprofits that guided her to become even more involved – she now serves on committees for some of them.  And apparently no event is off-limits, as she recently rappelled down a 10-story building to fundraise money for one of them! Children, health, and education are particular passions of Erin’s, but she has a desire to…just make a difference.  

Erin considers herself organized, efficient, a good multi-tasker, and a “utility” player – raising her hand for additional opportunities and assisting wherever the work is needed.  Traits that should be helpful in a small, but mighty organization.  

Outside of work and serving on committees and boards, Erin’s #1 is her family.  She loves spending time with her three daughters doing anything and everything, grabbing a meal out with her husband, meeting a friend for a walk or a coffee, traveling, and reading.   l  ext. 0

Megan Neisius Marketing & Outreach Coordinator 

Megan has always had a passion for serving her community. Her desire to make an impact and create change has led her to work with several nonprofit organizations throughout her career. When the opportunity to join the Volunteer Center team became available, Megan knew this was the position for her. She loves connecting with nonprofits all over the county and helping people utilize their unique talents and abilities to make a difference. 

As the Marketing and Outreach Coordinator for the Volunteer Center, Megan looks forward to raising awareness for all of the great work being done in Washington County and beyond. She believes this community has so many incredible stories to share, and she is excited to begin telling them. In addition to being an avid writer, Megan is also a social media junkie and a caffeine enthusiast. She truly believes that change begins with coffee, and that you can do anything one cup at a time. 

When she is not encouraging people to like our Facebook page or debating the use of the oxford comma, Megan is with her family and friends (and still probably drinking coffee). She loves spending time with her son, Eli, and obsessively taking pictures of him for fear she will miss something significant. (Everyone needs a picture of baby’s first nail trimming, right?) She also enjoys browsing Pinterest for new house projects for her husband, Sam, to complete (which she is sure he appreciates immensely) and cuddling with their puppy, Zoey.   l  ext 704

Sheldon Brennemann Community Engagement Manager 

Sheldon and her husband, Jon, moved to West Bend in 2019. She quickly found herself spending time at The Hub – it’s easy to reason about needing coffee everyday if it’s going to a good cause! As The Hub began reopening both Sheldon and Jon started to volunteer at The Hub. It didn’t take long before they were regular Sunday volunteers! 

Sheldon left her career in education to join the Volunteer Center Team to work in Community Engagement! She wants to provide opportunities for youth, families, and other couples to experience the same feelings of gratitude and difference making that she and her husband get to enjoy on Sundays! Sheldon has a passion for youth and is SO excited for Camp SuperHero this summer! It’s a delight seeing youth come together to make a difference within the community, and Sheldon is thankful for the opportunity to lead them!

When she’s not at The Volunteer Center you can probably find Sheldon on the Eisenbahn Trail. Coming from a mountain town in Colorado, Sheldon enjoys the accessibility of the trail, and being able to walk quickly around town! She likes to spend her time with family and friends, hiking, renovating her first home, and hanging out with her two pet geckos: George and Little Foot.   l  ext 702

Megan Matos Community Engagement Specialist 

Megan is a newbie to the Washington County area and is thrilled to join The Volunteer Center team as the Community Engagement Specialist! She has a heart for serving the community and has always hoped to work in a job that she looks forward to with great anticipation each day. When she stumbled upon The Hub with her two nieces over the summer, she was thrilled to learn about all the wonderful things taking place within the organization. The discovery led her to exploring how she could contribute to The Hub. She is an avid cold brew drinker, so the pairing of community and coffee was an actual dream come true!

Megan recently graduated from Marquette University with her M.A. in communication and media studies and previously worked with several nonprofit organizations within the Milwaukee area. Her experience working as a graduate teaching assistant supported her passion for teaching, connecting, leading, and engaging with people everyday.

She is passionate about supporting others in their pursuits and helping them connect with opportunities that align with their aspirations. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time in nature, yoga, painting, spending time with family and friends, and of course going on adventures with her husband, Kulver and labradoodle puppy, Theo.   l  ext 703

April Voegeli Director of Hub Operations 

April comes to the Volunteer Center looking to help make an impact in the community. She believes in the mission and being part of something bigger than herself.

Her first encounter with volunteering was with her daughter’s school auction. She admits it was really hard work, but definitely worth the reward! Ever since then April has been hoping to find an opportunity to combine her passion of volunteering with her professional career of Event Planning.

In her role as the Hub’s Events Architect… April will help develop fully-integrated experiences in our newly expanded space. She wants to provide a place where nonprofits, families, businesses, and friends can host meetings, parties and special events. Her passion for planning events shows through her attention to detail and organization. She is smart, nimble and compassionate and knows how to elicit emotion and passion that Empowers People for Social Good.

When she is not busy at the Hub, she’s spending time with her husband and 3 girls. You’ll find her cheering on her children at sporting events, being outdoors, and in the summer you can find her at the beach every chance she gets!   l  ext 701

Tiffany Kirst Hub Coffee Shop Manager 

Tiffany started working at The Hub as a weekend side gig and fell in love with the Volunteer aspect of the job because she is interested in helping people whenever she can. Tiffany grew up in West Bend and is a 15 year veteran of Starbucks. She brings coffee knowledge, customer service experience, and organizational skills to The Hub team. Her new position gives her all the “feels” she’d been missing in her previous career. 

When Tiffany is passionate about a project, she’ll put her whole heart into it 110%. She’s always wanted to help others and knows being involved with a nonprofit will make for a very fulfilling life. “When you get involved in the community, you’re keeping Washington County alive and well”. Living here her whole life, she knew the importance of putting her attributes to good use and has found a place to shine. 

When Tiffany isn’t working at The Hub she enjoys, bike rides with her nephew, being the fun director of her three nieces (they just light up her life), and being an avid shopper… fashion is in her blood!   l  ext 705

Kayla Bieszk Chief Storyteller

A day of service in 2015 brought Kayla to the Volunteer Center’s front door. After 50 flights of stairs lugging rubbermaid containers up from storage, a few stubbed toes, and plenty of laughs, Kayla knew the Volunteer Center was the place she had to be! She came back as full-time volunteer manager a few short weeks later.

Kayla brings professional experience in public relations, event coordination, and customer service to her role. Her favorite part of the job is working with some seriously good people (the wonderful thing about volunteers is, well, they’re wonderful!).  And in a world of busy schedules and full plates, she also loves reminding people that you don’t need to be Superman to make a big difference…sometimes all it takes is a few hours and a friendly smile!

When she’s not matching volunteers, you’ll find Kayla enjoying time with her husband and baby daughter, adventuring in the great outdoors, or trying (key word: trying) to tackle some sort of home project. She also serves as a hospice volunteer and is an aspiring master gardener volunteer with the University of Wisconsin Extension.

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