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Sue Millin Executive Director

Sue’s personal mission of “leaving more than you take in this world” has led her to more than 35 years of nonprofit work. She joined the Volunteer Center team in 2012 and really enjoys being a community connector. Leading the Volunteer Center has allowed Sue to work closely with so many nonprofits doing amazing work in Washington County.  Her vision and creativity has helped re-imagine the Volunteer Center’s founding mission to make a powerful impact for today’s volunteers.

Sue has been an active volunteer in our community and is currently serving on the board of directors for the Historic West Bend Theatre – a group working to turn the iconic theater into a multi-use arts and gathering space. She recently trained with her labradoodle, Cooper, to become a certified therapy team. Together, they volunteer at locations throughout southeast Wisconsin.

In her free time, Sue enjoys spending time with family and friends in Door County…tromping around the outdoors, harvesting prairie seeds, hunting morel mushrooms, upcycling old stuff… and always looks forward to her annual trip to NYC with her daughter (where they’ve been known to take in more than 10 Broadway shows in 6 days!)

Miriam Kaja Director of Hub Operations

“How can I help?” might have been the first words Miriam uttered. Whether for her family, friends, or community, helping comes by default. She once got in trouble as a child for voluntarily donating her allowance to support the plight of her brother’s desire for more candy.

When she wasn’t handing out her allowance, Miriam spent her childhood falling in love with two characters: Sherlock Holmes and Scooby Doo. One taught her the infinite power of reasoning, deduction, and observation. The other, a love of food, that an accidental solution is still a solution, and the reluctant hero is still heroic. They both made her laugh and love a good mystery.

As the Director of Hub Operations at the Volunteer Center, Miriam wonders frequently how she can help. She works hard to solve the mystery by drawing on the experiences of her life: in STEM education, in Data and Analytics, in restaurant ownership, as an expat in France, and finally, with a devoted, lifelong passion for infusing all the love in her heart into every recipe, drink, snack and crumb she touches.

With her new found love of indoor gardening, Miriam was surprised to discover that life happens exactly when it’s going to, and generally not sooner. When will the orchid bloom? When it’s ready. While she practices patience, her four, very wise feline assistants frequently remind her that the busyness of the day can only exist when you’ve spent part of it doing nothing.

When she’s not doing nothing, Miriam can be found at the opera, antiquing, thrifting, listening to her favorite Mildred Bailey record on vinyl, and watching nature go by from her balcony.

Dan Schultz Community Engagement Director

Dan took one ride on the Do Good Bus & knew he was ready for a more purpose-driven career. A few short months (& bus rides) later, Dan joined our team as our Do Good Ambassador.

Dan has a degree in Architecture from UW-Milwaukee & joins the Volunteer Center with over a decade of professional project management experience. Dan is excited to give his career new life by using his background in creative leadership to support his passion of doing good.

Dan is always up for an outdoor adventure. He loves hiking, biking, camping & traveling with his wife, Beth. When he’s not trekking through the woods, Dan’s most at peace with a cup of coffee & an acoustic guitar.

Michelle Spettel Marketing & Outreach Specialist

Volunteering has always been a part of Michelle’s story. She grew up knowing it’s just what you do to be a part of your community.

She first experienced the Volunteer Center while working for a different company in the same building downtown. Michelle headed down the hall to find a meaningful way to help. Turned out, the Volunteer Center needed some graphic design assistance and was looking for new marketing committee members. A year later, she officially joined the staff. These days Michelle’s doing super cool things like designing buses and coffee shops!

When not at work you might find Michelle in Mexico, roaming the streets looking for the best taco stand. She is also very involved with Spotlight Productions where she designs and creates sets for the shows. Back in 2007 Michelle was asked to design the set for Cats, a whole bunch of shows later; it has been a great way to volunteer, grow incredible friendships, and spend time (lots of time) with family.

Becky Kemnitz Office Manager/Volunteer Engagement 

Becky believes that through volunteering you create a strong connection with those you serve and more importantly a connection in your community. She found the Volunteer Center through her love for local coffee shops. The Hub’s mission in the community in connecting people to volunteer opportunities over a cup of good brew combined two things that she loves!

Becky has a background in office management and loves organizing those around her, supporting her team and being the front line to a company. She finds the mission of making a genuine connection in her community through volunteerism an important driving force.

When she isn’t busy being the glue that holds the office together, you’ll find her hiking with family, enjoying Door County and having coffee with friends. In the winter she fills her time as a volunteer coach for a local cheer team and has a passion for teaching the girls servant leadership while being active in a team sport. She is looking forward to meeting each of you as you stop in at the Volunteer Center!

Sheldon Brennemann Community Engagement

Sheldon and her husband, Jon, moved to West Bend in 2019. She quickly found herself spending time at The Hub – it’s easy to reason about needing coffee everyday if it’s going to a good cause! As The Hub began reopening both Sheldon and Jon started to volunteer at The Hub. It didn’t take long before they were regular Sunday volunteers! 

Sheldon left her career in education to join the Volunteer Center Team to work in Community Engagement! She wants to provide opportunities for youth, families, and other couples to experience the same feelings of gratitude and difference making that she and her husband get to enjoy on Sundays! Sheldon has a passion for youth and is SO excited for Camp SuperHero this summer! It’s a delight seeing youth come together to make a difference within the community, and Sheldon is thankful for the opportunity to lead them!

When she’s not at The Volunteer Center you can probably find Sheldon on the Eisenbahn Trail. Coming from a mountain town in Colorado, Sheldon enjoys the accessibility of the trail, and being able to walk quickly around town! She likes to spend her time with family and friends, hiking, renovating her first home, and hanging out with her two pet geckos: George and Little Foot. 

Kayla Bieszk Chief Storyteller

A day of service in 2015 brought Kayla to the Volunteer Center’s front door. After 50 flights of stairs lugging rubbermaid containers up from storage, a few stubbed toes, and plenty of laughs, Kayla knew the Volunteer Center was the place she had to be! She came back as full-time volunteer manager a few short weeks later.

Kayla brings professional experience in public relations, event coordination, and customer service to her role. Her favorite part of the job is working with some seriously good people (the wonderful thing about volunteers is, well, they’re wonderful!).  And in a world of busy schedules and full plates, she also loves reminding people that you don’t need to be Superman to make a big difference…sometimes all it takes is a few hours and a friendly smile!

When she’s not matching volunteers, you’ll find Kayla enjoying time with her husband and baby daughter, adventuring in the great outdoors, or trying (key word: trying) to tackle some sort of home project. She also serves as a hospice volunteer and is an aspiring master gardener volunteer with the University of Wisconsin Extension.

Maddie Fell Junior Hub Ambassador

Maddie first came to The Hub her freshman year of high school, in the fall of 2018. At that time she was only 14 but showed a deep interest in The Hub. For about 2 years she visited The Hub often with friends after school. Once Maddie turned 16 she saw her opportunity and seized it. Now, here she is, on our website as a Jr. Hub Ambassador.

Maddie is currently enrolled in West Bend West High School and has high hopes for her future. She has plans to go to college and has high hopes to pursue a career in the Medical field. She also has plans to travel the world, she has luckily already gotten to travel to some cool countries such as Finland and France. She hopes to travel even more and for the places she has been to be just the tip of the iceberg!

When Maddie isn’t at The Hub she is with her dogs, friends, or admiring her plants. She is a bubbly teenager that likes to adventure and learn new things with her friends. Her green thumb has caused her to become quite the activist. So, feel free to ask about her plants. She is so excited to be a part of The Hub community and can’t wait to meet all kinds of people!

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