Meet Our Team

Colleen Mayer Executive Director

Colleen came to the Volunteer Center with extensive leadership experience, with emphasis on marketing strategy and operations. Prior to joining our team, Colleen served as the Vice President of Marketing for Quad Graphics, a multibillion, global marketing services corporation. She is eager to apply her management and overall corporate experience to nonprofit mission. Colleen says she looks forward to the challenge of serving 50+ nonprofits through her role as Associate Director.

When she is not meeting with organizations or figuring out the comprehensive ins-and-outs at the Volunteer Center, Colleen is indulging in coffee or her favorite bagel sandwich from The Hub. She is an outdoor enthusiast and particularly enjoys long walks through the woods and kayaking, especially with her trusty companion, Chance, a rescue from the humane society. Colleen also has a passion for organic gardening and can be found planting her extensive garden in spring (something she admits regretting in the fall).

Colleen will be celebrating 35 years of marriage with her husband, Jamie, this summer. They grew up together and are life-long residents of Washington County. They enjoy time with their daughter, Alyssa, and son-in-law, Paul. She comes from a big family and says that she cherishes every minute she gets to spend with her extended family. 

Megan Neisius Marketing & Outreach Coordinator 

Megan has always had a passion for serving her community. Her desire to make an impact and create change has led her to work with several nonprofit organizations throughout her career. When the opportunity to join the Volunteer Center team became available, Megan knew this was the position for her. She loves connecting with nonprofits all over the county and helping people utilize their unique talents and abilities to make a difference. 

As the Marketing and Outreach Coordinator for the Volunteer Center, Megan looks forward to raising awareness for all of the great work being done in Washington County and beyond. She believes this community has so many incredible stories to share, and she is excited to begin telling them. In addition to being an avid writer, Megan is also a social media junkie and a caffeine enthusiast. She truly believes that change begins with coffee, and that you can do anything one cup at a time. 

When she is not encouraging people to like our Facebook page or debating the use of the oxford comma, Megan is with her family and friends (and still probably drinking coffee). She loves spending time with her son, Eli, and obsessively taking pictures of him for fear she will miss something significant. (Everyone needs a picture of baby’s first nail trimming, right?) She also enjoys browsing Pinterest for new house projects for her husband, Sam, to complete (which she is sure he appreciates immensely) and cuddling with their puppy, Zoey.

Tiffany Kirst Hub Coffee Shop Manager 

Tiffany started working at The Hub as a weekend side gig and fell in love with the Volunteer aspect of the job because she is interested in helping people whenever she can. Tiffany grew up in West Bend and is a 15 year veteran of Starbucks. She brings coffee knowledge, customer service experience, and organizational skills to The Hub team. Her new position gives her all the “feels” she’d been missing in her previous career. 

When Tiffany is passionate about a project, she’ll put her whole heart into it 110%. She’s always wanted to help others and knows being involved with a nonprofit will make for a very fulfilling life. “When you get involved in the community, you’re keeping Washington County alive and well”. Living here her whole life, she knew the importance of putting her attributes to good use and has found a place to shine. 

When Tiffany isn’t working at The Hub she enjoys, bike rides with her nephew, being the fun director of her three nieces (they just light up her life), and being an avid shopper… fashion is in her blood! 

Erin Dove Mission Support Specialist/ Office Manager 

Erin is excited to join the Volunteer Center to work directly with businesses, organizations, and volunteers in Washington County, a place that she has called home for nearly her entire life.  

She began her volunteer activities by becoming actively involved in her daughter’s elementary school.  Since then, the journey of life has led her to several events and activities for nonprofits that guided her to become even more involved – she now serves on committees for some of them.  And apparently no event is off-limits, as she recently rappelled down a 10-story building to fundraise money for one of them! Children, health, and education are particular passions of Erin’s, but she has a desire to…just make a difference.  

Erin considers herself organized, efficient, a good multi-tasker, and a “utility” player – raising her hand for additional opportunities and assisting wherever the work is needed.  Traits that should be helpful in a small, but mighty organization.  

Outside of work and serving on committees and boards, Erin’s #1 is her family.  She loves spending time with her three daughters doing anything and everything, grabbing a meal out with her husband, meeting a friend for a walk or a coffee, traveling, and reading. 

Barbi Baumgartner Community Engagement Manager

Barbi came to the Volunteer Center following a 32-year-career in education, where she taught sixth-grade with an emphasis on literacy. Now, she is excited to open a new chapter in her career as a member of the community engagement team.

As the Community Engagement Manager, Barbi will be connecting with our nonprofit partners, planning volunteer programs, and finding creative ways to engage volunteers within the community. Additionally, she will oversee the success of these programs and ensure they align with our mission and vision. With a passion for people, Barbi is excited to continue being able to serve others, while encouraging them to become excited about volunteering. 

When she is not collaborating with a nonprofit agency or scheduling a Do Good Bus ride, Barbi can be found in nature—walking, hiking, or kayaking. She also has a love for gardening and is guilty of continually adding to her flower collection each spring. Together, with her husband, Dale, and their three adult children, the family enjoys traveling—especially to Germany. 

Melissa Novales Community Engagement Specialist

Melissa has always had a passion for people and getting to know their stories. She is excited to make connections and build relationships in her new Community Engagement role. Having worked for several nonprofits to build programming, execute events and oversee administration, Melissa can’t wait to jump into “Doing Good”.

As the Community Engagement Specialist, Melissa looks forward to fostering meaningful relationships with the Volunteer Center’s member organizations, generous volunteers and vibrant community. She can’t wait to hop on her first Do Good Bus, work with youth during Camp Superhero and interact with our community during events at The Hub. Her energetic spirit, relational nature and willingness to help wherever needed, makes her an asset to our team.

Melissa’s love for community engagement spills into her personal life, where she serves on a community board, shepherds children in her church’s ministry and hosts band practices in her home. Her husband and three sons keep her busy with sports, music and oodles of fun! When she can steal a few moments to herself, she loves to pick up a good book, enjoy a quiet coffee date with a friend and cook delicious food. 

Kayla Bieszk Community Engagement Specialist

Kayla’s first memory of the Volunteer Center came from a visit back in high school that included a very large three-ring binder overflowing with ways to give back. It was overwhelming and exciting! Needless to say, a lot about our organization has changed since then, but the abundance of ways to do good is here to stay. 

Kayla was part of the small, but mighty team that helped our organization expand its community impact with a move to 303 Water Street and by opening the doors of The Hub – Social Good Brews. She has a passion for helping volunteers find fulfilling roles and serving our outstanding nonprofit community. 

She lives in West Bend with her husband, Cory, and their two small children. They spend their time playing hide-and-seek, getting their hands dirty, running a small Etsy business, and sneaking away on adventures as often as possible.

Rita Casanova Events Architect

Rita has come to join the volunteer center as our Events Architect. Rita is heading up the operations for our expansion project of our commercial kitchen space located in the Giveback Gallery. This task comes with all of the ins and outs of building, inspecting, licensing, party and event planning, etc. Rita brings over 20 years of management and leadership skills to the Volunteer Center along with her event management experience. Rita is excited to see what the future holds for the community with the expansion in 2023.
Rita is a small business owner who has the mission of uniting humanity through self discovery and healing. She is no stranger to volunteering or giving back to the community. Rita has hosted her own community events to educate and create awareness around alternative health healing modalities and practices. You may have seen her at an event or two over the years. Rita enjoys creating opportunities to be connected with the community. And what better place to get to know someone by having a cup of tea or coffee than the Hub.
When Rita is not operating at the Volunteer Center or working at home with her own clients, you can find Rita creating; whether it is new content for classes she teaches, a wood burned project, a video online, or simply redecorating a room in the house. Nature is Rita’s second home. You will find her with her feet in the sand or in the river, connecting and being one with Mother Earth.

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