Camp Super Hero is a service-learning summer day camp designed to give students grades 5-12 life-changing volunteer experiences. Together, 35 students form special bonds
while creating HUGE impact in Washington County. In 2016 students ...

served at 9 nonprofits
logged 1,230 volunteer hours
donated $28,979 worth of service to Washington County
"My child learned so much about the community he lives in and how he can support others. His heart for others continues to grow."

Congratulations to our 2016 Super Heroes:
Teen Heroes: Jacob Amidon, Grace Davies, Grace Dow, Nick Dow, Scott Henrich, Autumn Morrow
Middle School Heroes: Carter Amidon, Riley Becker, Keegan Broman, Adrianna Cherubini, Madeline Ciriacks, Kate Davies, Natalie Daute, Joshua Diorio, Ethan Drover, Fletcher Filla, Riley Filla, Madison Gieryn, Aaron Haas, Carter Haas, Archie Hughes, Tori Jackson, Mackenzie Kaiser, Kaci Kienzle, Brennan Kind, Jameson O'Connell, Iris Spors, Raymond Spors, Unique Spors, Gillianne Wagner, Maya Wagner, Abby Weiterman, Avelina Wolfe, Gage Ziegler, Alex Zimmer

"Service learning at its best!"

Information regarding the next Camp Super Hero will be released in early 2017.
"I felt like I was meant to change the world!"
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Empowering People for Social Good
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