Why a bus?

Whenever we get asked this question, we answer with “why not?” We’re incredibly dedicated to the idea that an everyday person can make an extraordinary difference by volunteering.

The busier this world gets, the more we need to evolve and stay creative. The Do Good Bus is our biggest and brightest shot at getting more people excited about volunteering. We want it to be something fun that you do with the people that mean the most to you. We want it to teach you something about your community that you never knew before.

And, besides, who doesn’t like riding around in a big, colorful bus with a bunch of nice people?

Why is the destination a surprise?

Everyone likes a good mystery! A surprise destination adds an element of fun, but it also helps avoid any pre-conceived ideas about the work we are going to do. We want all of our volunteers to show up with an open mind and ready to do good!

And who knows, we might drop a few hints along the way … ;)

Can I bring my kids?

There’s nothing we love more than families volunteering together. We encourage children to join us whenever possible. However, not all rides will be appropriate for all ages. We’ll do our best to plan family-friendly outings and will indicate if there is an age requirement for certain rides.

What should I wear?

Most Do Good Bus outings will be fairly casual. We’ll follow up with you about a week before your ride with pointers on how to dress.

Can I skip the bus ride and drive my own vehicle?

The Do Good Bus is more than just a means of transportation, it is a method of bringing people together for the common good. Bus rides are a time to get to know your fellow volunteers, make new friends, and learn more about the issues facing our community today. Please refrain from signing up for a ride unless you can participate in the entire outing.

Why do I have to pay to volunteer?

Contrary to popular belief, volunteering isn’t always free. It costs the Volunteer Center an average of $1,000 to host every Do Good Bus ride. In addition to the cost of maintaining a bus, we have expenses like insurance, gas, supplies, and staff time spent planning a 5-star experience for our volunteers.

Our community rides are generously underwritten by sponsors, leaving just a small $10 fee to participate. We feel strongly that by having to pay something, participants are more likely to show up. We want to honor our commitment to the nonprofits that are expecting a bus FULL of eager volunteers!

That being said, the Do Good Bus is all-inclusive. Please contact us if cost is a concern.


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