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Hello again everyone!


On Saturday, October 22nd, I went to the first official Do Good Bus ride! It was an awesome experience that ended up being an incredibly influential experience.


But before I talk about the event itself, some light should probably be shed on what exactly the Do Good Bus is. The Do Good Bus is just a regular school bus (for now) meant to transport volunteers to a pre-determined location for a day of service. The ride itself is usually kept secret, so the riders have no preconceived notion of what the day is going to be like.


This concept is a relatively new one, only being done in LA and here, as Volunteer Center Executive Director Sue Millin had informed us on our ride. So those on the ride had an important job of evaluating the ride and the event so that the experience can improve so it is the best it can be by the time it is open to the public!


The event went excellently, keeping to the schedule and everyone working hard the whole time. Before we got to work though, we met in Regner Park’s parking lot and got a ride to the Full Shelf Food Pantry in West Bend.


When we arrived, we were given the privilege of getting a tour of the food pantry by Board President Al Pauli. It was really an eye opener for how many people really need this food. Every month, 200 families don’t need the services, but 200 new families that have never been there before need them and come into the food pantry. That’s 200 - 2,200 new people that need food every month, (going by the numbers that Al provided, 1 - 11 people per family) along with the people that already need the food.


In response to the needs of the food pantry, the Rotary Club hosts Enchantment in the Park every year to help collect food for the Full Shelf Food Pantry.


The Rotary Club asks for donations in either packaged food or about $10. The money goes towards the Club to keep it running and to pay for the expenses of the event, but the food goes directly to the Full Shelf Food Pantry.


This is why, after the tour of the pantry, we went back on the Do Good Bus and went back to Regner Park to help the Rotary Club set up for Enchantment. October seems like too early to start setting up lights for a Christmas event, but because Regner is so big, and the whole park is being decorated, it takes a lot of time to set up. Not to mention that Enchantment is going to be open right after Thanksgiving.


Speaking of things coming up soon, the Do Good Bus is set to launch to the public by January of 2017! That means that other events like this will be opening up to the general public, where you get to hop on, and do good.


Maybe I’ll see some of you there!


I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope you do good in the coming weeks!




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Hello Everyone! 


I had the amazing opportunity to volunteer with United Way to help make school readiness kits for daycare centers and nonprofits around Washington County on Thursday, September 29th. Each kit included a set of alphabet flash cards, two matching games, a My Plate, a pencil box with pencils, crayons and a book mark, 2 story books, a packet of resources for parents and handwritten note of encouragement from a volunteer.


I worked on the assembly lines with all sorts of people from different places around Washington County. I was only there for a two hour period, but I saw over 12 different companies and institutions participating in the event! The YMCA, the West Bend School District, the Slinger School District, AT&T, Moraine Park Technical College, Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin, Aurora Health Care Center, R&R insurance, and Kettle Moraine are only a few of those who participated. 


Each business had a group of employees who went through the lines making school readiness kits. The stacks of bags and boxes were wall to wall and floor to ceiling before the truck even arrived! 


In the end we packaged about 2,100 kits. There were so many people there and it was such a fun time! I didn’t actually go through the assembly lines, I helped manage them, but I caught wind of some friendly competition of who could go through the line the most times in the least amount of time. Along with the pop songs playing in the background of the warehouse, it was such a happy place to be. I was so glad that I went and met so many new people helping out our community! 


I met a lot of new faces that are associated with the Volunteer Center, including an avid family volunteer, Al Jung. He spoke passionately about volunteering and how it brings his family together. He talked about how it was such a positive experience, and how nothing negative comes out of volunteering. Even if it’s something completely different from what we did that Thursday


The United Way has a focus for their kickoff event every year, Al Jung said. Before, they would package food for people in need. Personally, to see as many school readiness kits packed as I did, I can only imagine how much food could be packaged in the same amount of time. 


Because of this night, thousands of kids will have more opportunities for learning than before. Thousands of kids. Statistically that is most likely someone’s kid that you know. Or it could even be one of your kids. Even if it isn’t someone you know, it could be someone that cures cancer one day. Or invents something so amazing it is beyond description. By making these kits and giving these kids an opportunity to learn, they are more likely not to end up in a bad situation. All it takes is a little bit of time from some kind-hearted people. 


Some like to think that volunteering is a waste of time. I’ll be honest, I thought the same way for a while. Then I actually did it. Without being forced to. I had a blast, and I was overwhelmed with how much two hours really did, and how little time that actually was. Everyone I talked to there, including Barb Beck from the First Bank Financial Center and Robyn Erickson from Glacier Hills Credit Union had a fantastic time and not one person left with a sour face. And because they came with their coworkers, “it really brought them together,” said Robyn after the event. She and the Glacier Hills Credit Union have been doing this for years through the United Way. 


I guess what I’m really trying to say is that this experience was a greatly positive influence on my life and for those of whom the kits will go to. It didn’t take much time, and I had a blast doing it and helping with my community. 


I hope to see you at the next event!


Signing off, 




Al Jung helping a volunteer with a pencil box.


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Hello volunteers! 

My name is Alyssa Koenings, but my friends call me Alix. I am excited I get to share my volunteer experiences with you through this blog. 

I am one of the four seniors graduating from Pathways Charter School this year, and I am not sure where I am going to college yet. But I am looking every spare moment I have! Through Pathways, the seniors have a class called the Civic Capstone project. I am working for my credit in English and Social Studies by writing for the blog. So I get to do my school work doing something I love and helping others experience volunteering through a new light! The other seniors are working with other nonprofits in the community, like the History Center, Riveredge and Rides & Reins. 

Currently I work at the Braising Pan, just near Regner Park. When I’m not working or looking for colleges, you can usually find me drawing, reading, writing, editing or filming. 

Although this is my first time going through the Volunteer Center, I have volunteered through the program ‘Feed My Starving Children’ many times with my family. I also help out with my church’s nursery, and help at Regner Park with some of the Christmas events that happen there. 

My first event through the Volunteer Center will be on Thursday, September 29th when I attend the United for Our Future assembly event with my dad. I look forward to meeting you there!



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